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Welcome to the 8U-Mite Track II League


The 8U-Mite Track II program is designed as the next step for young athletes who are transitioning from a Lil’ Knights program to begin placement onto a single “team” and start developing skills that will introduce gameplay with half-ice concepts. 

Athletes will play in a hockey season that is running in union with USA Hockey’s Fall 2021-22 season which is scheduled to conclude March 31st, 2022 across the country.  At the completion of the 8U-Mite Track II season, all athletes will be eligible for the Spring 2022 House League scheduled for April and will be mixed into all other current 2013, 2014, and 2015 birth year age divisions.


Program Overview:


  • Evaluation Skate

Scheduled for January 4th @ 4:00 PM - 5:00 PM | Lifeguard Arena


  • 12 Practices

Athletes will be placed onto a team and will practice and play games as a member of the same team. A head coach will be assigned to each team, and players will be asked to dress in the same locker room as a member of your team. There will be 12 practices scheduled regularly on Tuesdays at or around the 4:00/5:00 PM hour.


  • 10 Games

Each team will play in USA Hockey’s half-ice ADM model gameplay. This will be similar to the current Lil’ Knights program, but with exception the games will count for League Standings. There are 10 games scheduled on Saturday or Sunday afternoons.


  • League Play

Each athlete will participate in an evaluation skate. The purpose of this skate is to create (4) equal teams based on players experience and abilities. Through the evaluation skate process, our staff will attempt at creating teams with equal parity among the group in effort to keep the scores of games exciting and as fair as possible. The league will provide a leaderboard for game standings consisting of Wins-Loss-Ties. Individual statistics will not be recognized for goals, assists, shutouts.


  • Team Assignment

Following the evaluation skate, athletes will be emailed within 72 hours of their team name. The athlete will be provided a team issued jersey and pair of socks. The team name will be present on all locker room assignments so the athletes take their first step into joining a team-atmosphere locker room for all games and practices.


The team will be led with a assigned Head Coach provided by the association. However, parent volunteers are always welcomed to join. At the completion of the registration, you will be asked if you are interested in joining as a volunteer or assistant coach. Your involvement is welcomed and encouraged to assist in all areas to include but not limited to: locker room monitoring, game day duties on the team’s bench, or overseeing stations on-ice practice drills


  • Cost

$375 season enrollment. At completion of the registration, parents can choose to “pay in full” or utilize the “payment-plan” option. The payment plan option will consist of two equal payments of $187.50 + tax. The first payment will be due at the time of completing the registration, and the second payment will be automatically charged on 02/01/2022.